Murray Douglas BARRETT

PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga, USA (2002)

Associate Professor
Office : S15-01-11  |  Tel : (65) 6516 2983
Email : phybmd@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • In cavity QED systems, when the atom-cavity coupling becomes large, the coherent dynamics dominates, and makes it possible for the cavity to operate as an interface between atoms and photons. This regime is of great practical interest and has many applications including novel cooling methods, frequency metrology, and as an information exchange between photons and atoms for quantum information. Currently we are exploring the use of cavity QED with both neutral atoms and ions. In our neutral atom system we aim to combine the collective enhancement obtained when many atoms interact with the cavity together with cavity cooling methods to demonstrate direct ground state cooling of a many-body system. This would provide an important technique in the study of ultra-cold atoms and many body physics. In our ion trap system we hope to the cavity system to establish entanglement between remotely located atoms.

Selected Publications

  1. Systematic evaluation of an atomic clock at 2e‐18 total uncertainty. T. L. Nicholson, S. L. Campbell, R. B. Hutson, G. E. Marti, B. J. Bloom, R. L. McNally, W. Zhang, M.D. Barrett, M. S. Safronova, G. F. Strouse, W. L. Tew, and J. Ye, Nature Communications 6, 6896. (2015)

  2. Developing a field independent frequency reference, M.D. Barrett, New Jour. Phys., 17, 053024 (2015)

  3. Realization of the Dicke model using cavity‐assisted Raman transitions, M.P. Baden and K. J. Arnold and Arne L. Grimsmo and Scott Parkins and M.D. Barrett, Phys. Rev. Lett. 020408. (2014)

  4. Reliability test for the experimental results of electric quadrupole hyperfine structure constants and new assessment of nuclear quadrupole moments in 135,137Ba, B. K. Sahoo and M. D. Barrett and B. P. Das, Phys. Rev. A 87 042506 (2013)

  5. Experimental determination of the nuclear magnetic octupole moment of 137Ba+ ion, Nicholas C. Lewty and Boon Leng Chuah and Radu Cazan and M. D. Barrett, Phys. Rev. A, 88, 012518.(2013)

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