Research Groups - Quantum Information Technologies

Cold atoms & Molecules, Atom & Ion trapping

  • Bose-Einstein condensate measurements, atom interferometery (CHUNG Keng Yeow)
  • “Quantum logic” techniques for molecular ions (Dzmitry MATSUKEVICH)
  • Quantum degenerate fermions and molecules, laser spectroscopy (Kai DIECKMANN)
  • Many-body physics, laser cooling & trapping, Rydberg gases (LI Wenhui)
  • Cavity quantum electro-dynamics, ion-traps, metrology (Murray BARRETT)

Cryptography, Quantum entanglement & Information theory

  • Fermionic atoms, neutral dipolar atoms, quantum bits storage, quantum state, quantum process (BG ENGLERT)
  • Quantum entanglement, non-classical correlation and quantum computing (Dagomir KASZLIKOWSKI)
  • Quantum information, high energy physics, quantum field theory (OH Choo Hiap)
  • Bell nonlocality, theory of quantum devices (Valerio SCARANI)
  • Geometrical and algebraic methods in quantum systems (Kuldip SINGH)
  • Many body entanglement, geometrical phases, information theory entropies, cluster state quantum computation (VLATKO Vedral)

Quantum optics & Atom-photon interaction Quantum key distribution, entangled states between photons)

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