Research Groups - Theoretical & Computational Physics

Condensed matter physics

  • Computational Materials Physics (FENG Yuan Ping & ZHANG Chun)
  • Topological insulators, electronic structure calculations and spectroscopy simulations (LIN Hsin)
  • Acoustic phonons, spin waves (Paul LIM)
  • Material electronic structure & transport properties (QUEK Su Ying)
  • Disorder & interactions in Dirac fermion systems (SHAFFIQUE Adam)
  • Quantum condensed matter theory, physics of graphene and other 2D materials, interacting and disordered systems (Vitor Manuel PEREIRA)
  • Quantum thermal transport, molecular dynamics simulation (WANG Jian-Sheng)

Nonlinear dynamics, Complex systems

  • Quantum dynamics & information, cold-atom systems, decoherence theory (GONG Jiangbin)
  • Complex networks, quantum information science (LAI Choy Heng)
  • Discrete-event systems, parallel simulation (TAY Seng Chuan)

Electromagnetics, Acoustics

  • Microwave materials, digital sound, psychoacoustics (Bernard TAN)
  • Atmosphere and ocean dynamics, image restoration, radar imaging, EM material (LIM Hock)

Astrophysics, Cosmology (General relativity, quantum field theory, black holes, cosmological models)

  • General relativity & gravitation (Edward TEO)
  • Multi-particle phenomenology, neutrino physics, astronomy (Phil CHAN)

String Theory

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