Research Groups 


Advanced Materials, Nanomaterials & Technology

> 2D Materials
a) Graphene, disordered magnetic systems, strongly correlated systems (Antonio CASTRO-NETO)
b) Graphene: nanostructure, transistors, biomedical devices (Barbaros OZYILMAZ)
c) Light-matter interaction, excitons, charge transport, thin film growth (Goki EDA)
d) Low-dimensional electronic systems (Jens MARTIN)
e) Metal oxide nanostructures, nano-assembly, nanostructure wettability (YU Ting)
> Surface Science
a) Surface science, STM, heterojunctions, nanomaterials (Andrew WEE)
b) Self-assembly, interface engineering (Chen WEI)
c) Surface & interface of semiconducting materials (TOK Eng Soon)
d) STM  & STS, topological insulators, self-assembly (WANG Xuesen)
> Oxides: Superconductivity, Oxide thin films, Magnetic materials
a) Heterostructure, superlattices & quantum wells (Ariando)
b) Correlated electron system, synchrotron-based characterisation (Andrivo RUSYDI)
c) Oxides, ferroelectrics, GMR materials (R MAHENDIRAN)
d) Oxide electronics, ion-beam imaging and fabrication (Venky VENKATESAN)
> Nanostructures, Energy
a) Hybrid nanostructured materials (SOW Chorng Haur)
b) Spin & acoustic dynamics; magphonic, magnonic, phononic crystals; ferroelectric/ ferroelastic phase transitions; laser spectroscopy (KUOK Meng Hau)
c) Advance Functional Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion, X-ray diffraction and other Spectroscopy techniques
(M. V. Reddy)
> Spectroscopies
a) Non-linear optics, spectroscopy, optoelectronics (Ji Wei)
b) Non-linear optics (Jose Carlos VIANA-GOMES)
> Organic Semiconductors: Organic electronic devices
a) Organic light-emitting diodes, transistors, solar cells (Peter HO)
b) Organic solar cells, polymer heterostructures (CHUA Lay Lay)

Ion Beam Science & Technology

> 3D Polymeric structures, Biomedical physics, Materials imaging, High resolution RBS (spectrometry), Nuclear microscopy
a) Photonics & optics, lithography, imaging (Andrew BETTIOL)
b) Proton beam fabrication, lab-on-chip devices (Jeroen Anton van KAN)
c) High energy ion beams, materials imaging, micro-machining, x-ray lithography (Mark BREESE)
d) Proton microscopy & lithography (Frank WATT)
e) Ion-beam analysis, high resolution RBS, nuclear microscopy (Thomas OSIPOWICZ)

Biological & Soft Matter Physics

> Molecular motors, biomolecular self-assembly, biopolymer, mechanics and interaction of biomolecules
a) Biopolymer Physics (Johan van der MAAREL)
b) Biological materials, materials formation, hybrid materials (LIU Xiangyang)
c) Nanopore DNA sequencing, nanofluidics, 2D materials (Slaven GARAJ)
d) Nanoscale dynamics; interfacial liquids; electron microscopy (Utkur MIRSAIDOV)
e) Optical imaging, CARS microscopy, ultrafast laser (WANG Haifeng)
f) Motor protein biophysics, nanomachinery (WANG Zhisong)
g) Genome organization; protein folding; mechanics of biomolecules (YAN Jie)

Theoretical & Computational Physics

> Condensed matter physics
a) Computational Materials Physics (FENG Yuan Ping & ZHANG Chun)
b) Topological insulators, electronic structure calculations and spectroscopy simulations (LIN Hsin)
c) Acoustic phonons, spin waves (Paul LIM)
d) Material electronic structure & transport properties (QUEK Su Ying)
e) Disorder & interactions in Dirac fermion systems (SHAFFIQUE Adam)
f) Quantum condensed matter theory, physics of graphene and other 2D materials, interacting and disordered systems (Vitor Manuel PEREIRA)
g) Quantum thermal transport, molecular dynamics simulation (WANG Jian-Sheng)
> Nonlinear dynamics, Complex systems
a) Quantum dynamics & information, cold-atom systems, decoherence theory (GONG Jiangbin)
b) Complex networks, quantum information science (LAI Choy Heng)
c) Discrete-event systems, parallel simulation (TAY Seng Chuan)
> Electromagnetics, Acoustics
a) Microwave materials, digital sound, psychoacoustics (Bernard TAN)
b) Atmosphere and ocean dynamics, image restoration, radar imaging, EM material (LIM Hock)
> Astrophysics, Cosmology (General relativity, quantum field theory, black holes, cosmological models)
a) General relativity & gravitation (Edward TEO)
b) Multi-particle phenomenology, neutrino physics, astronomy (Phil CHAN)
> Quantum Finance
a) Quantum field theory; quantum finance (Belal E BAAQUIE)
> String Theory
a) M-theory, string theory, quantum field theory (TAN Meng Chwan)

Quantum Information Technologies

> Cold atoms & Molecules, Atom & Ion trapping
a) Bose-Einstein condensate measurements, atom interferometery (CHUNG Keng Yeow)
b) “Quantum logic” techniques for molecular ions (Dzmitry MATSUKEVICH)
c) Quantum degenerate fermions and molecules, laser spectroscopy (Kai DIECKMANN)
d) Many-body physics, laser cooling & trapping, Rydberg gases (LI Wenhui)
e) Cavity quantum electro-dynamics, ion-traps, metrology (Murray BARRETT)
> Cryptography, Quantum entanglement & Information theory
a) Fermionic atoms, neutral dipolar atoms, quantum bits storage, quantum state, quantum process (BG ENGLERT)
b) Quantum entanglement, non-classical correlation and quantum computing (Dagomir KASZLIKOWSKI)
c) Quantum information, high energy physics, quantum field theory (OH Choo Hiap)
d) Bell nonlocality, theory of quantum devices (Valerio SCARANI)
e) Geometrical and  algebraic methods in quantum systems (Kuldip SINGH)
f) Many body entanglement, geometrical phases, information theory entropies,
cluster state quantum computation (VLATKO Vedral)
> Quantum optics & Atom-photon interaction
(Quantum key distribution, entangled states between photons)
a) Optical entanglement system (Alexander LING)
b) Quantum communication, atom-light interactions (Christian KURTSIEFER)
c) Trapped ions, quantum information processing & metrology (Manas MUKHERJEED)
d) Quantum measurement & control, optics (TSANG Mankei)