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Senior Lecturer

Office : Blk Adm 05-25
Tel : (65) 6516 1324
Fax : (65) 6777 6126
Email : usprrp@nus.edu.sg
Current Research and Future Direction

  • Nonlinear quantum theory: I am studying such potential corrections and their phenomenological consequences in high energy physics.

  • Cosmology: I am studying classical and quantum aspects, such as dark energy and transplanckian physics.

  • Complex Systems: I am looking into the use of physics and more generally complex systems ideas to understand the issues related to the origins of life.


  • A Physical Axiomatic Approach to Schrodinger's Equation. quant-ph/0508125 (in press).

  • Common Axioms For Inferring Classical Ensemble Dynamics And Quantum Theory.Rajesh R. Parwani,. Published in AIP Conf.Proc. 810:387-392, 2006.

  • Why is Schrodinger's Equation Linear?Rajesh R. Parwani Published in Braz. J. Physics.

  • Information Measures for Inferring Quantum Mechanics.
    Rajesh R. Parwani Published in J.Phys.A 38:6231-6238, 2005.

  • An Information Theoretic Link between Space-Time Symmetries and Quantum Linearity. Rajesh R. Parwani, Annals Phys.315:419-452, 2005.