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Berthold-Georg (Berge) ENGLERT

Professor of Physics

Office :S15-03-01
Tel : (65) 6516 6262
Fax : (65) 6777 6897
Email : phyebg@nus.edu.sg
Current Research and Future Direction

  • We are studying protocols for quantum cryptography with full or partial tomography of the quantum channel, among them the Singapore Protocol. Related topics are methods for determining the optimal measurements for accessing the information in a quantum channel, with future work on quantum channel capacities. Other work deals with the identification of bona fide qubits in continuous degrees of freedom. Yet other research investigates quantitative aspects of wave-particle duality in multipath interferometers and in multiple scattering.


  • Tomographic Quantum Cryptography (with Y. C. Liang, D. Kaszlikowski, L. C. Kwek, and C. H. Oh) Physical Review A 68, 022324 (2003).

  • Minimal qubit tomography (with J. Rehacek and D. Kaszlikowski) Physical Review A 70, 052321 (2004).

  • Iterative procedure for computing accessible information in quantum communication (with J. Rehacek and D. Kaszlikowski) Physical Review A 71, 054303 (2005).

  • Highly Efficient Quantum Key Distribution With Minimal State Tomography (with D. Kaszlikowski, H. K. Ng, W. K. Chua, and J. Anders) quant-ph/0412075 (2004).

  • Periodic and discrete Zak bases (with K. L. Lee, A. Mann, and M. Revzen) Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 39, 1669 (2006).