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'Breathing physics' at the atom smasher

The NUS High Energy Physics Phenomenology Group was featured on Monday Straits Times, 16 Nov 2015: “'Breathing physics' at the atom smasher”. The group is led by Prof. Oh CH and A/Prof. Phil Chan, comprising two PhD students and five MSc particle physics students.

First collaboration between Singapore and CERN

Mr. Wang Wei Yang, our physics PhD Research Scholar working at CERN (supervised by Prof. Oh CH and A/Prof. Phil Chan), was selected by the CERN CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) Collaboration to present on behalf of the CMS group at the recent 45th International Symposium for Multi-particle Dynamics (ISMD) Conference 2016 at Wildbad Kreuth, Munich (Germany). The CMS group’s 32 page phenomenology paper was published recently in JHEP. This is the first collaboration between Singapore and CERN since the signing of the CERN CMS-NUS EoI in 2013.

A/P Phil Chan invited to give public lecture at the ArtScience Museum

Assoc. Professor Phil Chan, NUS Chair for General Education, was invited by ArtScience Museum Director Ms. Honor Harger to give an invited public lecture on particle physics and participate in Conversations: Particles Matter - An Exploration of Collaborative Practices at the launching of the Large Hadron Collider Exhibits on Saturday 14th Nov 2015.

Mr Tan Peng Kian nominated by NRF for the prestigious Lindau Meeting 2016

CQT Research Assistant Mr. Tan Peng Kian (PhD student working on HBT photon effect, supervised by Prof. Christian Kurtsiefer and A/Prof. Phil Chan) has been nominated by Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF) for next year's prestigious Lindau Meeting 2016. He has also recently been featured in the New Paper, 31st Oct 2015 at the launch of the Quantum Cartoon book (British Council Gallery) by special CQT Fellow and artist, Mr. Otto Fong. During the term of his Fellowship, Mr. Fong attended Prof. Phil Chan’s general education lectures on Einstein's Universe and Quantum Weirdness).

Former Student from NUS Physics GEM Classes Invents Tiny Astronomy Camera

Mr. Chen Junyang previously took modules 'Einstein's Universe and Quantum Weirdness' and 'Sky and Telescope' (lectured by A/Prof. Phil Chan and Dr. Abel Yang). The modules featured regular astronomy field trips to Malaysia.

Faculty members elected as Fellow of the American Physical Society

Congratulations to Professor Berge Englert, Professor Oh Choo Hiap and Assoc Prof Yan Jie on being elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society for their contributions to physics research and for promoting the international aspects of physics.

Young Scientist Award Recipient

Our heartiest congratulations to Asst/Prof Goki EDA who received the Young Scientist Award at the President’s Science and Technology Awards ceremony for his outstanding research on the fundamental properties of two-dimensional materials.

Science pioneers honoured

Professor Bernard Tan and Adjunct Professor Phua Kok Khoo have been named in a list of Singapore scientific pioneers in a commemorative book about the country’s science and technology efforts. The book lists a total of 25 scientists aged 50 and above who have made exceptional contributions to Singapore’s scientific, engineering, medical and education sectors over the last five decades.

Scientists achieve major breakthrough in thin-film magnetism

A team of scientists (Mr Li Changjian, Asst/Prof Ariando and Professor T Venky Venkatesan) from the National University of Singapore (NUS), together with collaborators from Singapore, the Netherlands, United States and Ireland, has uncovered a new twist to the story of thin-film magnetism by growing perfectly-crystalline atomic layers of a manganite using a method known as pulsed laser deposition.

2015 Top Graduate Researcher Award, Faculty of Science

Congratulations to Mr. Di Kai for receiving the 2015 Top Graduate Researcher Award, Faculty of Science. He is a PhD student in the Laser Brillouin Spectroscopy Group. Recently, the Group has made the first direct observation of the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in magnetic ultrathin films. The findings could be of use in spin-wave-based computing and the field of spintronics.

National Day Awards 2015

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Feng Yuan Ping and A/Prof Lim Hock Siah for receiving the Long Service Medal in this year National Day Awards.

Writer of the Week for The Straits Times Forum Page

In The Straits Times on 3 Aug, one recent Physics honours graduate Ms Woo Jia Qian was featured as the Writer of the Week for Forum Page. She first started writing to the Forum page in 2007. She likes to see the justifications for the different perspectives offered in the Forum Page.

Professor Chowdari receives degree of Doctor of Literature (Honoris Causa)

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof B V R Chowdari for receiving the degree of Doctor of Literature (Honoris Causa) from His Excellency Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, Chancellor of the University and the Governor of Karnataka state, on 17th June in Mangalore University for his great contribution in strengthening bilateral relations between NUS and Indian Universities and Institutes of higher learning.

IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School Silver Poster Award

Our congratulations to Km Rubi (Graduate student) for receiving the Silver Poster Award while attending the IEEE Magnetic 2015 Summer School June 14 - 19, at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. It is held annually during summer holidays. The school is designed for graduate students studying magnetism and related areas.

Annual Teaching Excellence Awards (ATEA)

Our heartiest congratulations to A/Prof Phil Chan Aik Hui, A/Prof Kuldip Singh, Dr Chammika Udalagama and Dr Yeo Ye and who have won the ATEA awards this year! The Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) recognises faculty members who have displayed a high level of commitment to their teaching.

Public talk @ ArtScience Museum

On Saturday 9 May 2015, Tan Peng Kian, PhD student of Prof Christian Kurtsiefer and A/Prof Phil Chan has been invited to give a public talk at Artscience Museum. The talk will cover how science and technology environments might nurture the "Leonardos" of tomorrow and stimulate interdisciplinary working, and look at innovative education and pedagogical methodologies today which will encourage the same.

Physics Enrichment Camp 2015

It is an annual camp for secondary and junior college-level students, jointly organised by the NUS Physics Department and the NUS Physics Society, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Students will be exposed to a series of activities including interesting lectures, tours of cutting-edge research facilities and hands-on demonstrations.

Exacting measurements on atoms do better than theory

A new publication led by Asst/Prof Manas Mukherkee and his team has been published in Physical Review A on 17 April as a Rapid Communication. The results are relevant to the search for physics beyond the Standard Model.

SSEF 2015 winning projects under FoS mentorship

Congratulations to Prof Sow Chorng Haur, Prof Chowdari BVR, Dr. Lu Junpeng, Dr. Yeo Ye, Dr. M.V. Reddy, Dr Png Rui Qi, Rachael and Dr. Lim Xiaodai Sharon who have mentored the winning school projects at the recent Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2015.

University Awards 2015

Our heartiest congratulations to Dr Goki EDA who received the Young Researcher Award at the NUS University Awards 2015 held on Friday 24 April. The award recognises researchers below 40 years of age for their achievements and promise in research.

The ART of Science Exhibition: All are Welcome!

The exhibition is opened to NUS community. Hope to see you there! At University Hall, Level 2, LinkBridge, 15 ~ 17 April 2015, 9am ~ 6pm.

NUS Physics students achievement in University Physics Competition 2014

Silver Medal: Ng Kia Boon, Tang Wenjie Shawn, Wen Borui (Supervisor: Sow Chorng Haur)
Accomplished Competitor: Marcelina Viana, Felix Utama Kosasih, Kristo Nugraha Lian (Supervisor: Raditya Weda Bomantara).

Dynamics of equilibrium folding and unfolding transitions of titin immunoglobulin domain under constant forces

A new JACS publication by A/Prof Yan Jie and his team report the first equilibrium single-molecule force manipulation study of the classic titin I27 immunoglobulin domain using ultra stable magnetic tweezers.

NUS High School Inspiring Research Mentor Award 2014

Congratulations to Dr M V Reddy for receiving the "Inspiring Research Mentor Award 2015" from NUS High school. He strive to cultivate the spirit of inquiry in students who are interested in science and gives inspirational mentoring to NUS High school students for their research projects (ARP & IRP, SCIENTIA) and he won similar award in previous years, 2012 to 2014.

Stability and Kinetics of c-MYC Promoter G-Quadruplexes Studied by Single-Molecule Manipulation

A new publication by A/Prof Yan Jie and his team provide important insights into the stability of a broad class of promoter G4's which also play a role in transcription regulation and are potential anticancer targets.

IPS Awards 2014

Congratulations to Professor Oh Choo Hiap for receiving the IPS President’s Medal and Professor BVR Chowdari for receiving the IPS-Cadi Scientific Medal for Public Awareness of Physics. These awards are given to individulas who have made outstanding achievements in the research and significant contributions in the field of Physics.

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