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Congratualtions Dr M V Venkatashamy Reddy

Dr M V Venkatashamy Reddy and all his six SCIENTIA 2010 project students (Mr. Cheng Herng Yi, Mr.Goh Yeow Chong, Mr.Kenrick koh Yee Hong, Mr.Tang Ying Wei, Mr.Tham Jun Han, Mr. Yuan Chenyang) from the NUS High School won 2011 A*star young researcher award. Students were conferred the above award by Minister for Education Mr. Heng Swee Keat at a formal ceremony held at NUS High School convocation on 22nd November 2011.


This research describes an important result from A/Prof Yan Jie's research group, which suggests that formation of protein filaments may be a very general structural basis for gene silencing in bacterial cells.

Students have done the department proud in the University Physics competition 2011

Congratulations to Ng Kia Boon, Kwang Siu Yi, Tang Wenjie Shawn, Law Yun Zhi, Kwong Chang Jian, Wong Songhan, Guan Yilun Aaron, Nguyen Duy Quang and Lin Mao for winning the silver and bronze medals in the the University Physics competition 2011.

A/Prof Dagomir Kaszlikowski guest blogs for Scientific American

How does the everyday, classical world emerge from the strange behaviour of its quantum constituents? Writing for the Scientific American Guest Blog, A/Prof Dagomir Kaszlikowski (pictured) describes a new explanation proposed by his group and its collaborators.

APS Fellow Nominated by Forum on International Physics

Congratulations to Professor Feng Yuan Ping who is named APS fellow for the year 2011 for his contributions to the understanding of ferromagnetism in non-magnetic element doped semiconductors and new phenomena in carbon-based nano materials through computational studies and his untiring efforts in promoting international scientific collaborations in computational materials physics.

How a quintessential quantum test was fooled: paper in Physical Review Letters

The above research, published 20 October in Physical Review Letters has received attention in the media was done by Christian Kurtsiefer and Valerio Scarani, CQT Principal Investigators and NUS Professors, along with former CQT members Antía Lamas-Linares and Ilja Gerhardt, in collaboration with Vadim Makarov, Qin Liu and Johannes Skaar of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.

Advocate Award in NUS Quality Service Award 2011

The following are Faculty Of Science recipients of Advocate Award in NUS Quality Service Award 2011: Teo Hwee Sim (Zhang Huixin), Ng Tong Hoe, Wong Siaw Khiaw, Lim Hwa Ngee, Seah Chong Huat, Dicky and Suradi Bin Sukri. The award presentation was held during NUS Excellence Day on 22 Feb 2012.

Faculty Teaching, Research and Service Awards

The following are winners of this year's Faculty Teaching, Research and Service Awards.

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award AY2010/2011
Prof Frank Watt, Assoc Prof Chung Keng Yeow, Assoc Prof Teo Ho Khoon, Edward, Assoc Prof Gong Jiangbin, Assoc Prof Tay Seng Chuan and Dr Wang Qinghai.

Honour Roll AY2010/2011: Dr Yeo Ye

Teaching Assistant (Full-time) Award AY2010/2011
Chong Fu-Zhi, Jeremy, Lim Yen Kheng, Ng Wei Khim, Qiu Leiju and Setiawan.

Outstanding Service Award 2011
Teo Hwee Sim, Foo Eng Tin, Phua Swee Wah nee Choo, Teo Hoon Hwee, Wu Tong Meng Samuel, Lee Soo Mien, Lim Geok Quee, Seah Chong Huat and Ng Tong Hoe.

Commendation Award 2011: Achuthan Prasanna.
The Faculty Award Ceremony was held on 16 November 2011 at the University Hall Auditorium.

Graphene's two-photon shuffle

Professor JI Wei's work on 'Giant Two-Photon Absorption in Bilayer Graphene' that originally appeared in Nano Letters has been highlighted by NPG Asia Materials. Many experts in this field are very excited by their work. Details can be found at

Staff and Student's Games 2011

Come and join us the fun in the Staff and Student's game at SRC to show our supports. The games are organized by the physics society. Venue: SRC Handball court 1. Date: 19 Oct 2011 Wednesday. Time: 5 ~ 7pm

Outstanding Mentor Award

A/P Sow Chorng Haur, A/P Tay Seng Chuan, Dr M V Venkatashamy Reddy and Dr Massimiliano Colla received the Outstanding Mentor Award under the NUS-Science Mentorship Programme at the recent Youth Science Conference 2011. Their SMP project students have won distinction and 3M best poster award. The Department appreciates their effort for participating in these programmes to inspire our school students to do science with us.

Recipients of this year's National Day Awards

The Commendation Medal: Dr Kuldip Singh, Senior Lecturer
The Efficiency Medal: Mr Teo Hoon Hwee, Laboratory Technologist
The Long Service Medal: Prof Baaquie, Belal E and Prof Kuok Meng Hau

Oxide interfaces: Moment of magnetism

Asst/Prof Ariando's work on electronic phase separation has been highlighted in the News and Views of the Nature Physics by Andrew Millis. He has been invited for a talk at the APS March meeting 2012 on this topic.

Graphene gives protection from intense laser pulses

Scientists at the National University of Singapore (NUS), DSO National Laboratories and University of Cambridge have jointly announced a new world record in broadband non-linear optical absorption behavior using single-sheet graphene dispersions in a variety of heavy-atom solvents and film matrices.

Nurturing a Passion for Physics

A prize launched by the NUS Department of Physics will recognise students for their excellence in experimental physics. The Department hopes that the Arthur Rajaratnam Prize will motivate more students to continue their pursuit of physics.

Bit part for diethylfluoromalonate in reaction model

A quantum simulation has successfully described the progression of a chemical reaction for the first time. The collaborative work of A/Prof Gong Jiangbin with his counterparts in China used three quantum bits, or qubits, to mimic a laser-driven isomerisation reaction of malonaldehyde molecules, and was featured in Chemistry Word of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Congratulations Asst/Prof Vitor Manuel Pereira

Asst/Prof Vitor Manuel Pereira received the "Seeds of Science" Award - one of the most important prizes Portugal gives to Portuguese scientists whose work has been recognized in several scientific areas. Asst/Prof Vitor Manuel Pereira won this award together with three other leading Physicists.

Stem cell paper highlighted in Nanowerk

Congratulations to Asst. Prof Özyilmaz Barbaros and his team for having the work on the Stem Cell highlighted in Nanowerk. Modern tissue engineering strategies combine living cells and scaffold materials to develop biological substitutes that can restore tissue functions. Both natural and synthetic materials have been fabricated for transplantation of stem cells and their specific differentiation into muscles, bones and cartilages.

NUS-ONDL signs landmark intellectual-property pipeline licensing agreement with Cambridge Display Technology (CDT)

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has signed a five-year intellectual property (IP) pipeline licensing agreement with Cambridge Display Technology (CDT), a Sumitomo Chemical Group company, to commercialise innovations in polymer organic light-emitting diode (P-OLED) displays and lighting arising from research at ONDL.

Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA)

Associate Professor Chung Keng Yeow received the Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) at the University Hall Auditorium, Level 2, Lee Kong Chian Wing on 4 May 2011. The Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) recognises faculty members who have displayed a high level of commitment to their teaching for the year under review.

Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2011

Prof. B. V. R. Chowdari, A/P Sow Chorng Haur and Dr M V Venkatashamy Reddy mentored 6 award winning school projects at the recent Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2011.

GOLD : Project EB39 mentored by Dr. M.V. Reddy and Prof Chowdari, B.V.R.
SILVER : Project EB18 mentored by Dr. M.V. Reddy and Prof Chowdari, B.V.R. & Project EB21 mentored by A/P Sow Chorng Haur
BRONZE : Project EB19 mentored by Dr. M.V. Reddy and Prof Chowdari, B.V.R.
MERIT : Project EB09 mentored by Dr. M.V. Reddy and Prof Chowdari, B.V.R. & Project VS26 mentored by A/P Sow Chorng Haur

Inspiring Mentor Award 2011

Dr M V Venkatashamy Reddy received the "Inspiring Mentor Award 2011" from NUS High school (SCIENTIA projects NUSHS 2011). He strives to cultivate the spirit of inquiry in students who are interested in science and gives inspirational mentoring to NUS High school students for their research projects.

University Awards 2011

Congratulations to Associate Professor Gong Jiangbin for receiving the Young Researcher Award at the University Cultural Center on 29 April 2011. The University Awards honour and recognise members of the NUS community who through their consistently high performance and resolute commitment set new benchmarks in the areas of education, research and service.

FIAP Outstanding Student Papers at the APS March Meeting 2011

Congratulations to Mr. Liu Zhiqi (Dr. Ariando's and Prof. T. Venkatesan's student from NanoCore and Department of Physics) for receiving a FIAP (Forum for Industrial Application) Award for his work on Resistive Switching in Complex Oxide during the recent APS (American Physical Society) March meeting.

Work by Physics Staff has been placed on the list of "Noteworthy Chemistry" by the American Chemistry Society

Congratulations to Huang Yuli, Asst/Prof Chen Wei and Prof Andrew Wee for their article entitled "Molecular Trapping on Two-Dimensional Binary Supramolecular Networks" (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 820-825) which has been highlighted as "Noteworthy Chemistry" by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Photoconductivity Measurement

Congratulations to Assoc. Prof Sow Chorng Haur and his team for having the work on the photoconductivity measurement highlighted in Nanotechweb. By comparing the photocurrent produced upon global and localized laser irradiation, the team gained a better understanding of the fundamental mechanism governing photocarrier generation and transport in individual nanowire photodetectors.

A Special Invitation from AIP Advances

Congratulations to Professor Li Baowen, Li-Hong and Dong Lai, and Zhang Gang for their article "Size dependent thermoelectric properties of silicon nanowires", which was one of APL's monthly top 20 most-downloaded articles last year. AIP Advances has invited them to submit their most current research to the inaugural issue of the new journal. AIP Advances is a fast-track, community-based, open access journal, focusing on research in applied physical science.

Electronic phase separation at the LaAlo3/srTio3 interface

Congratulations to Asst/Prof Ariando for having the paper published in Nature Communications. In this article, Asst/Prof Ariando and co-workers (from NUSNNI-Nanocore, Department of Physics, ECE and MSE) show that this metallic interface when prepared under suitable conditions of oxygen pressure can become active, simultaneously exhibiting a number of interesting magnetic properties along with the metallic property of the electron gas.

IPS Meeting 25~26 Feb 2011

The Institute of Physics Singapore invites to its second research meeting for all researchers working in physical sciences and education in Singapore on February 25 and 26. Singapore features actually a large number of research activities in many areas in Physics and physical sciences, distributed over Universities, National Research Institutes and the industrial sector.

Onsager Medal 2011 receipient

Professor Peter Hanggi received the prestigious Onsager Medal 2011 and The Lars Onsager Lecture 2011. This is an international very prestigious international award, with previous recipients being mostly prior or later Nobel Laureates and /or Wolf Prize laureates. The Lars Onsager Lecture is an award for outstanding scientists in the scientific fields of Lars Onsager: Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Upcoming in ACS Nano and Nanoscience

Professor Andrew Wee has been named in this Editorial as one of the new editorial advisory board members in ACS. Although only a 4-year old journal of the Americal Chemical Society, Science Watch has named ACS Nano Rising Star in Chemistry five times in a row. ACS Nano Impact Factor is now 7.493, and increasing yearly.

SIPIS 2011

The Department of Physics of the National University of Singapore (NUS) invites graduate students from Indian Universities and Indian Institutes to participate in summer internship programme SIPIS-2011. During the programme, participants will be introduced to NUS research environment, interact with NUS professors and complete a project that is related to ongoing research.

Germany Immersion Trip 2011

The immersion trip will be heavily subsidized by the Faculty of Science and the Physics Department, and an affordable contribution will be paid by the students. It is open to all NUS Physics students. Application for 2011 trip is available now.

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