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Germany Immersion Trip 2010

The immersion trip will be heavily subsidized by the Faculty of Science and the Physics Department, and an affordable contribution will be paid by the students. It is open to all NUS Physics students. Application for 2010 trip is available now.

China Immersion Trip, CHIP 2010

The China Immersion programme (CHIP) 2010 is open for registration now. The immersion trip will be heavily subsidized by the Faculty of Science and the Physics Department, and an affordable contribution will be paid by the students. Click here for registration form, itinernary and poster. Please submit your forms before 23 Feb 2010.

Charge-Transfer-Based Mechanism for Half-Metallicity and Ferromagnetism in One-Dimensional Organometallic Sandwich Molecular Wires

The Journal of American Chemistry Society (JACS) recently published a quiz based on the work of Lei Shen, Shuo-Wang Yang, Man-Fai Ng, Valeri Ligatchev, Liping Zhou, and Yuanping Feng in their article entitled "Charge-Transfer-Based Mechanism for Half-Metallicity and Ferromagnetism in One-Dimensional Organometallic Sandwich Molecular Wires" in JACS Image Challenge #73. The goal of this series of challenges is to provide an interactive, enjoyable experience for all users, and particularly valuable to advance the understanding of students in such topics.

Singapore scientists discovers new synthetic strategy to control ultra-small luminescent nanocrystals

Singapore scientists from NUS, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), NTU and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have discovered a new synthetic strategy for controlling the properties of ultra-small luminescent nanocrystals. Their findings have been published in the prestigious Nature journal on 25 February 2010.

Nurturing a Passion for Physics

A prize launched by the NUS Department of Physics will recognise students for their excellence in experimental physics. The Department hopes that the Arthur Rajaratnam Prize will motivate more students to continue their pursuit of physics.

Semiconductors: Plastic electronics

A new photocrosslinking methodology jointly developed by staff of Physics Department promises to add functional layers to make polymer-based organic light-emitting panels and displays even more energy efficient. This technique can be applied to many different polymers, and should make it much simpler and quicker to build prototypes of a wide range of new electronic devices.

Arup Acoustic Bursary Award 2010

ARUP is pleased to announce the launch of the Arup Acoustics Bursary. It is an internation competition open to undergraduates and graduates. Applications close at midnight on Sunday 21 November 2010 (AEST). For more information and to apply, visit

Still in school, but duo write physics book [The Straits Times, 14 Oct 2010]

TWO students at the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science have something to be proud of - their names are listed as co-authors of a textbook about quantum physics.

Congratulations Prof. B. V. R. Chowdari

Prof. B. V. R. Chowdari's research group received the Electrochimica Acta (Impact Factor : 3.078), Highly Cited Article (281 citations) award for the paper entitled “Performance of Layered Li (Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)O2 as cathode for Li-ion Batteries ”. This paper was published in Electrochimica Acta 2002, Volume 48, Issue 2, pages, 145-151.

IPS awards recipients

IPS President’s Medal: Prof Frank Watt
IPS World Scientific Medal: Assoc. Professor Valerio Scarani
Omicron Nanotechnology Medal: Asst. Professor Ariando.

Singapore Experience Awards 2010 - Business Event Ambassador

Professor B.V.R. Chowdari received the Business Event Ambassador award for his significant contributions to the development of the business events industry in Singapore. He was conferred the award by Senior Minister of State (Trade and Industry, and Education), Mr S. Iswaran at a formal ceremony held at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore on 28 October 2010. The event was organised by the Singapore Tourism Board.

SMP Outstanding Mentor Award

Dr M V Venkatashamy Reddy won the SMP Outstanding Mentor Award.
The Science Mentorship Programmes strives to cultivate the spirit of inquiry in students who are interested in science, by providing them with opportunities for interaction with scientists and to perform scientific investigations in research laboratories.

Surface Science Top Cited Article 2005-2010 Award

Dr Chen Wei, Xu Hai, Liu Lei, Dr Gao Xingyu, Qi Dongchen , Peng Guo Wen, Tan Swee Chin, Prof Feng Yuan Ping, A/Prof Loh Kian Ping and Prof Andrew Wee received the Surface Science Top Cited Article 2005-2010 award for their paper entitled “Atomic Structure of the 6H-SiC(0 0 0 1) Nanamesh”. This paper was published in Surface Science, Volume 596, Issue 1-3, 2005.

Young Scientist Award (YSA) 2010

Dr Andrivo Rusydi received the Young Scientist Award (YSA) 2010. He was conferred the award by President of Singapore His Excellency Mr S R Nathan at a formal ceremony held at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore on 30 September 2010. The event was organised by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore.

National Day Awards 2010

Long Service Medal recipients: Prof Lim Hock and Prof Tan Tiong Gie, Bernard.

Congratulations Prof Breese

Prof Mark B H Breese was appointed Director of the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source starting from 1st July 2010. Prof Breese is an accomplished teacher-scholar in Physics. His specific research areas include ion-solid interactions, ion optics, nuclear microprobes, ion channelling, beam bending, ion beam induced charge microscopy, silicon micromachining and patterned porous silicon. A recipient of the NUS Young Researcher Award (2006), Prof Breese was also Deputy Head (Research) of the Department of Physics.

University Awards 2010 recipients

Outstanding Educator Award - Assoc. Prof. Phil Chan
Outstanding Researcher Award - Prof. Ong Chong Kim
Young Researcher Award - Assoc. Prof. Dagomir Kaszlikowski

2009 National Excellent (Self-financed) Overseas Chinese Ph. D Student Award

Dr Yang Nuo and Yao Dong who work in the group headed by Prof Li Baowen won the great and prestigious “2009 National Excellent (Self-financed) Overseas Chinese Ph. D Student Award” of the People’s Republic of China. (Drs. Zhu Yanwu, Zhang Tian Hui, Dai Liang who worked in the group of Prof Liu Xiang-Yang had received the same award in the previous years.)

Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2010

A/Prof Sow Chorng Haur mentored winning school projects at the recent Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2010. List of winning projects with A/Prof Sow Chorng Haur from FoS-NUS are as follows:
GOLD: Project EB54 mentored by A/P Chin Wee Shong (Chemistry ) and A/P Sow Chorng Haur (Physics)
SILVER: Projects EB26 and VS11 mentored by A/P Sow Chorng Haur (Physics)
BRONZE: Project PA17 mentored by A/P Sow Chorng Haur (Physics).

NUS Quality Service Award

NUS Quality Service Awards recipients at the NUS Excellence Day 2009/10, held on 11 March in UCC.
Service Champion: Madam Tay Bee Hwee
Service Achiever: Mrs Lee Soo Mien, Mr Teo Hoon Hwee and Mr Ben Kek Chun Peng
The NUS Quality Service Award was introduced in 2001 to recognize distinguished and exemplary service rendered by staff.

Congratulations Dr Tan

Dr Tan Meng Chwan was invited to join the editorial boards of International Journal of Modern Physics A and Modern Physics Letters A.

Congratulations Prof Hanggi highlights the top-notch individual researchers who have demonstrated great influence in their field as measured by the citations to their work. To reflect their extraordinary accomplishment, the selection criteria is stringent and it contains only less than 0.5% of all publishing researchers.

Prof Peter Hanggi with 22,000 citations is one of the very few internationally-renowned Physicists who has recently made it to the list of highly cited authors at Prof Peter Hanggi is also honoured as Outstanding Referee of the American Physics Society (APS) Journals.

The Outstanding Referee program of the APS Journals was instituted in 2008 to recognize scientists who have been exceptionally helpful in assessing manuscripts for publication. The highly selective Outstanding Referee program annually recognizes about 150 of the roughly 45,000 active referees.

The Department is honoured to share the double joys of Prof Peter Hanggi - the visiting Professor in our department since 2006, with such remarkable achievements.

Congratulations Professor Phua

Professor K K Phua (Founding Director of Institute of Advanced Studies, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore (NUS) and Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd) has been elected as a Fellow of American Physical Society (APS) in December 2009.

The criteria for election as a fellow of APS is based on the contribution in research and education in physics. Professor Phua is a theoretical high energy physicist and he did some interesting and useful work in particle physics particularly in the field of phenomenology in high energy collisions.

He is the Founding President of South East Asia Theoretical Physics Association (SEATPA). Together with Nobel Laureate Professor C N Yang and other senior physicists, he is one of the founding council members of Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Society (AAPPS).

Professor Phua was also the Chairman of the organising committee for the 1990 International Conference on High Energy Physics (Rochester Conference) organised by IUPAP. Professor Phua was awarded the IPS President's Award by the Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) Council, for his outstanding contributions to physics research and education in Singapore.

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