Media Coverage (2011 - 2009)

Living in a material world

Providing new entrants to the meetings, incentive travel, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) sector with the necessary support could help to fuel the growth of the industry, according to president of the Materials Research Society of Singapore, BVR Chowdari. The Business Times, 4 October 2011, p17

Singapore teams impress at international science competitions

Associate Professor Chung Keng Yeow from the NUS Department of Physics was one of two members who led the Singapore team to victory in two major science competitions for pre-university students. The Straits Times, 20 July 2011, Home, pB2

Attracting the bright lights

Professor B.V.R. Chowdari from NUS Faculty of Physics was granted the Business Event Ambassador Award on 28 October 2010 for organizing the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT) since 2001. ICMAT 2009 won the Association Event of the Year as well. The Straits Times, 29 October 2010, pD15

Still in school, but duo write physics book

Two students at the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science have something to be proud of - their names are listed as co-authors of a textbook about quantum physics. The Straits Times, 14 October 2010, More reports from Newshub

Ten good men

The President's Science and Technology Awards were given to Prof Yoshiaki Ito, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, Oncology Research Institute and the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine; Asst Prof Wu Jishan, NUS Dept of Chemistry, ; Assoc Prof Teo Yik Ying, NUS Dept of Statistics and Applied Probability; and Asst Prof Andrivo Rusydi, NUS Dept of Physics. The Straits Times, 2 October 2010, pD8

Why S'pore needs more people to study physics

A waning interest in physics here has raised questions about how this will affect Singapore's economic progress. Amresh Gunasingham speaks to former chief defence scientist Lui Pao Chuen, who is trying to turn the situation around. The Straits Times, 19 September 2009, Review - Tech & Science

The coolest spot in Singapore

Dr Murray Barrett and Mr Kyle Arnold, NUS' Centre for Quantum Technologies had produced Bose-Einstein Condensates which were predicted to revolutionise industries from computing to oil extraction. The Straits Times, 5 September 2009, Science, pD10

Bright idea for bend theory

Working with overseas counterparts, Prof Ong Chong Kim, NUS Dept of Physics, and Dr Ma Yun-Gui, Temasek Laboratories, had built a retroreflector that perfectly reflected microwaves back to their source regardless of the angle. The Straits Times, 4 July 2009, Science, pD8

CDAC and NUS to cooperate to encourage outstanding students from poor families to enter R&D sector

The Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) and the NUS Faculty of Science jointly introduced a new scheme named CDAC-NUS Science In3, that enables students from needy backgrounds to engage in R&D related activities. Lianhe Zaobao, 28 June 2009, Section 1, p11

Fun science helps inspire needy students

The Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) and NUS Faculty of Science launched a new programme called CDAC-NUS Science In3, aimed at helping students from low-income families develop their potential for scientific research. The Sunday Times, 28 June 2009, Home, p11

Life: A quantum leap of faith

Prof Serge Haroche from the College de France had been invited by the Centre of Quantum Technologies at NUS to deliver a talk on the birth of quantum physics as well as the debates surrounding the field. The Straits Times, 4 April 2009, Review, pA26

Talk on quantum mysteries

Prof Serge Haroche delivered a public lecture titled 'Power And Strangeness Of The Quantum', which was co-organised by the NUS Faculty of Science as part of its 80th anniversary celebrations. The Straits Times, 28 March 2009, Science, pD8

Where does life come from?

Prof Vlatko Vedral, Centre for Quantum Technologies, believed that the search for the right molecules to support life by replication could turn out to be much more efficient using quantum mechanics. The Straits Times, 31 January 2009, Science, pB8

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