A Brief History

The Physics Department has the primary objective of advancing knowledge of physics and training of qualified manpower needed by Singapore to acquire and develop an economy based on high technology.

The Department is also involved in inter-disciplinary research with other branches of science as well as engaging in collaborative work with industry.

The aim of the Department in research development is not only to acquire new knowledge in fundamental areas, but to also tackle problems of relevance to Singapore's industrial development.

The Physics Department intends to play a key role in the advancement of Singapore into a high-tech era.

"Building Upon Our Heritage"

  • 1929 - 1948 : Raffles College
  • 1949 - 1962 : University of Malaya
  • 1962 - 1979 : University of Singapore
  • 1979 - 1980 : Joint Campus Period, SU + NU (Nanyang University)
  • 1980 - present : National University of Singapore

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