Science Faculty is celebrating 85th Anniversary

2014 is the 85th Anniversary of our Science Faculty. The Faculty of Science (FoS) is pleased and proud to celebrate this with the whole University family and especially the many for whom 2014 is also very special. There is something for everyone: reunions, open houses, conferences and symposiums, exhibitions and celebration. Find out More.

The Rise of Spintronics in CVD Graphene

A group of scientists at the Graphene Research Center led by Prof. Oezyilmaz have now discovered that the spin Hall effect is intrinsic to graphene synthesized on metallic surfaces by means of chemical vapour deposition. Read more.

National Day Awards 2014

Congratulations to Prof Andrew Wee, winner of The Public Administration Medal (Silver) and Mr. Ng Tong Hoe for receiving the Long Service Award. Read more.

NUS researchers discover a new mechanism for magnetoresistance in disordered two-dimensional materials

A collaboration between researchers at Monash University (Australia), the University of Maryland (USA) and Shaffique Adam’s research group at the National University of Singapore has resulted in the theoretical prediction and experimental observation of a new mechanism by which an applied magnetic field can increase the resistance in disordered graphene and other two-dimensional materials. Read more.

Inspiring John aims for the sky

Physics graduate John Soo Yue Han with inspiring story is featured in Malaysia News Paper. He had graduated on June 30 with a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours), where he had obtained a scholarship from the Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Read more.

Every Electron Counts!

Using unique research facilities at free-electron laser FLASH at DESY (Germany) and Singapore Synchrotron Light Source of National University of Singapore, a team consisting of researchers from National University of Singapore (NUSNNI-Nanocore, Singapore Synchrotron Light Source, and Department of Physics), Germany (Center for Free Electron Laser, DESY, and University of Hamburg), USA (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Advanced Photon Source), Japan (University of Tokyo and AIST), reveals electronic correlations and screening mechanisms of effective Coulomb on-site repulsions in a model high-temperature superconductor cuprate, spin-ladder compound. Read more.