Dynamics of equilibrium folding and unfolding transitions of titin immunoglobulin domain under constant forces

A new JACS publication by A/Prof Yan Jie and his team report the first equilibrium single-molecule force manipulation study of the classic titin I27 immunoglobulin domain using ultra stable magnetic tweezers. Read more.

NUS High School Inspiring Research Mentor Award 2014

Congratulations to Dr M V Reddy for receiving the "Inspiring Research Mentor Award 2015" from NUS High school. He strive to cultivate the spirit of inquiry in students who are interested in science and gives inspirational mentoring to NUS High school students for their research projects (ARP & IRP, SCIENTIA) and he won similar award in previous years, 2012 to 2014.

Stability and Kinetics of c-MYC Promoter G-Quadruplexes Studied by Single-Molecule Manipulation

A new publication by A/Prof Yan Jie and his team provide important insights into the stability of a broad class of promoter G4's which also play a role in transcription regulation and are potential anticancer targets. Read more.

IPS Awards 2014

Congratulations to Professor Oh Choo Hiap for receiving the IPS President’s Medal and Professor BVR Chowdari for receiving the IPS-Cadi Scientific Medal for Public Awareness of Physics. These awards are given to individulas who have made outstanding achievements in the research and significant contributions in the field of Physics.
Read more.

Science Faculty is celebrating 85th Anniversary

2014 is the 85th Anniversary of our Science Faculty. The Faculty of Science (FoS) is pleased and proud to celebrate this with the whole University family and especially the many for whom 2014 is also very special. There is something for everyone: reunions, open houses, conferences and symposiums, exhibitions and celebration. Find out More.

European Physical Journal (EPJ) Distinguished Referee in 2014

EPJ expresses its thanks to Professor Berthold-Georg Englert as a Distinguished Referee in 2014. It is an acknowledgement of his contribution, great assistance and commitment as a referee to the European Physical Journal. Read more.

Assoc. Prof. Dagomir Kaszlikowski wins film award

"Seeing Without Looking,” a 15-minute movie by Assoc. Prof. Dagomir Kaszlikowski, has won a top prize in the “Show me the physics!” video contest, organised by the Foundational Questions Institute in the US. The film, which was selected from more than 100 entries, clinched one of the top three prizes worth US$10,000. Assoc Prof Kaszlikowski is also a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Quantum. Read more.

Some good news to share

Assoc. Prof. Tan Meng-Chwan has just been formally invited to be a plenary speaker at "String-Math 2015", the MOST PRESTIGIOUS conference in all of mathematical string theory! This invitation is a landmark achievement for NUS and string theory in Singapore.

Visualising Interstellar's black hole

If you have watched the movie Interstellar, you would have seen the images of light around the black hole Gargantua. One effect present is the "shell of fire", which refers to light rays going around a rotating black hole in a spherical orbit. Such orbits were in fact first studied in detail by Assoc. Prof. Edward Teo. A description of this effect and how it was used to produce images of Gargantua can be found in Kip Thorne's book, "The Science of Interstellar." Prof Teo's original paper can be found here.

China Distinguished Materials Scientists Forum

Prof Feng Yuan Ping has just delivered a prestigious lecture titled "First-principles design of materials for advanced technologies" at the China Distinguished Materials Scientists Forum 中国材料名师讲坛 hosted by University of Science and Technology Beijing. The lecture is the 68th in the series. (Photos: 1 & 2)

Interconversion between three overstretched DNA structures

A new publication by A/Prof Yan Jie and his team reports systematic studies of interconversion between these overstretched DNA structures induced by changing NaCl concentration at constant force. Read more.

SMP Mentors Award 2014

Congratulations to A/Prof Tay Seng Chuan for receiving the SMP Long Service Award, Prof B V R Chowdari, Dr M. V. Reddy and their teams for receiving 2 Distinction Awards, 1 Merit Award and 1 Gold Award. Read more.

Advanced Material Interfaces 06/14

The collaboration work between Dr. Ariando, Prof. Venkatesan and Prof. Feng on the physics which explains the role of oxygen vacancy and polar catastrophe on the origin of the 2D electron gas at the complex oxide interfaces is highlighted on the cover of Advanced Material Interfaces. The complete article can be found here.

Russell Severance Springer Professor 2014/2015

Professor LI Baowen has been awarded 2014/2015 Russell Severance Springer Professor by Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley. He is going to give 5 lectures on Phononics and Thermal Transport at UC Berkeley in the coming four weeks.

Visualising the Universe

On Saturday, 6 September, Tan Peng Kian, PhD student at the NUS physics department, will present his recent work published in Astrophysics Letters on observation of photon bunching measurements for stellar spectroscopy at the ArtScience Museum in a series of afternoon talks about "Visualizing the Universe". Read more.



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